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In an uncertain market, organizations face several issues, including missed sales revenue targets, increased competitive intensity, longer sales cycles and less deals closed. Progressive organizations evaluate their sales approaches, and strive for improved performance. MSI Consulting helps companies derive and validate the right sales strategies and approaches to enhance customer experiences and drive sales growth. MSI understands the value of bringing key stakeholder inputs, especially the customer's, into the sales approach planning. MSI can work with your team to answer critical customer questions, deriving implications and solid recommendations for your sales strategy.

...Typical Questions Answered For Our Clients

1. How do different customer segments characterize their needs for solutions your product is involved in?
2. How is your offer positioned?
3. Which internal parties and partner communities are involved in influencing the customer along the solution sales cycle?
4. What is the right sales model for optimizing sales opportunities at the right cost to serve?
5. What are the key sales and marketing deliverables needed to support customers and sales agents along the sales cycle?

...Typical MSI Services

1. Customer Targeting and Acquisition Strategy Development
2. Sales Coverage Model Optimization Planning and Execution
3. Sales Enablement Tools and Collateral Development