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Positioning and Messaging strategies are intensely important in crowded technology markets, fraught with shrinking end user budgets and increased competitive intensity. Firms need to break free of the noise and distinguish themselves in their prospects' minds to drive revenue growth. MSI Consulting helps companies derive powerful positioning and messaging for in-market success.

...MSI's Approach Includes:

1. Identifying the target markets of greatest opportunity
2. Breaking down the relevant segments
3. Articulating customer roles and responsibilities in relation to your offer
4. Identifying their needs in relation to your offer
5. Communicating the advantages your offer provides in addressing their needs
6. Identifying their available alternatives in addressing their needs
7. Specifying your offer's key points of differentiation.

...Typical Questions Answered For Our Clients

1. How should we be positioned in the minds of our customers versus our competition?
2. How do we ensure our product messaging hits the mark, ensuring sales success?
3. What can we do to ensure all of our marketing communications leverage consistent messaging?

...Typical MSI Services

1. Vertical Market and Competitor Research
2. Vertical Market Positioning Framework Development
3. Positioning and Messaging Testing & Validation Research