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Effective selection and management of partners is critical to any successful technology organization. Unfortunately, too many relationships get off the ground with a flurry of activity and good intentions, but end up fizzling over time as organizations struggle to build a union that creates value for the customer and partners. MSI understands the demanding nature of building relationships that enhance and extend the reach of your sales force and add value to the total customer experience, and of course to your bottom line. MSI Consulting works with organizations to ensure their approach to partners is one that builds incremental value for both organizations while keeping the needs of customers top of mind.

...Typical Questions Answered For Our Clients

1. What are the best partners to meet your customers' requirements before, during and after the sale?
2. What are the requirements for building successful business relationships with the partners in each segment?
3. What are the right partner programs and required budgets to implement?
4. How will you manage channel conflict for optimal partner performance?
5. What are your short, medium and long-term goals for your channel strategy?

...Typical MSI Services

1. Partner Targeting and Channel Strategy Development
2. Partner Value Proposition Development
3. Partner Program Development